Lignol Teak Guard Marine wood products

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Lignol® Teak Guard Marine wood products


Lignol® Teak Guard  Marine is a water based, multifunctional, clear impregnation, specifically developed for wood protection in the marine environment.
Our innovative nanoscale and reactive ingredients penetrate deep into the wood, creating a hydrophobic (water repellent) and durable UV protection.

Lignol®Teak Guard  Marine products have outstanding penetrating properties that protect and preserve the substrate, without altering the natural surface texture.


The UV absorbing, transparent nanoscale oxides protects and enhances the colour of the Teak. The particle size is optimized to ensure that minimal light interference occurs, thus maximizing transparency. This provide long-term UV absorption, unlike sacrificial organic UV stabilizers, which have a finite life.

Nanoscale UV absorber offers the unique benefits of protecting coatings, which protect coated substrates from being degraded by UV radiation.

The treatment provides an excellent protection against water stains, and food and drink spills can be wiped away or washed off, without leaving any stain on the wood. Lignol® Teak Guard  Marine dries fast, leaving your teak with a natural finish. The impregnation will not chip or peel, and it enhances the natural beauty and comfort of teak with a pleasant glow.

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How Lignol® Teak Guard  Marine Works


The natural beauty of teak, with its rich, golden-brown luster and its resistance to the elements, is a result of the natural oils it contains. Sun, salt, water and wind oxidise the oil content on the surface, breaking it down. In clean air, untreated teak weathers to an ash grey, but where most boats are moored, the assault of modern-day air pollutants quickly turns bare teak nearly black. Obviously, keeping the wood looking like new needs considerable maintenance, but the natural, golden beauty of teak is the main reason it is chosen for boat building.

Lignol® Teak Guard Marine with its extremely efficient penetrating properties, fills up the spaces that are left by the loss of natural oils with a UV-protective marine-grade impregnation.
Lignol® Marine does not contain any oil, and dries up completely. Just by replacing the oil, with the penetrating Lignol® Teak Guard Marine solution, it is possible for your teak to be returned to its original colour.Lignol® Teak Guard Marine is a clear coating, and does not leave a stain. Nanoscale components are used to protect the wood from greying and to provide a hydrophobic surface

Advantages and Benefits


• Excellent penetration

• Permeable to vapour

• Salt-resistant

• Water-repellent

• Easy to clean

• High stain resistance

• UV absorption/protection

• Nanoscale hybrid technology

• Economical

• No slippery appearance

• Thin impregnating technology

• Significant reduced greying

• Water based

• Low-VOC’s

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